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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ultimate Guide Running Workout Plan for Beginner

Do you feel inconvenient with your weight now? Why you don’t try to do running workout plan

Yes, running is hard to do for people who rarely do exercise especially running but it is not an impossible thing to do. Of course you have to do it step by step. Then you need running workout plan to guide you achieving your goal.

The running workout plan is divided into some steps. It is good for a beginner to achieve 5K at the first. It is done like jogging for several days or week depends on how hard you train your body. Then, it will prepare your body to the next level. 

Furthermore, if you have done 5K, then train your body to achieve 10K. 

Sometimes, it hard to do when your body is trained in 5K but you have to encourage yourself to increase the distance more and more until the goal is reached. Moreover, the next level is called half marathon training. After you reach 10K, then you are ready to get more challenge for 21K. Actually, 10K level becomes the basic running skill for beginner but when you work on half marathon training, the result will be immense. 

running workout plan for beginners
running workout plans

Running workout plan to lose weight

running workout plan to lose weight
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running workout plan

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