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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks You Easily Find in Your Kitchen

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks You Easily Find in Your Kitchen

Home remedies for stretch marks, what are they? Before answering that question, it is better is we defined what stretch marks are. 

In simple word, stretch marks are marks that occur mostly on abdomen area, but you can also find these marks on breast, hips, waist and other parts where mostly fat is stored. 
There are plenty things as the causes of stretch marks, some of them are weight gain, pregnancy, heredity, muscle building and many more. Stretch marks for mostly women become kind of nightmare. However, you don’t need to worry, since you will discover many ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Go further into your kitchen, and then you will discover some of them. Egg whites, water, potato juice, cocoa butter, sugar, and lemon juice are known as home remedies for stretch marks.
Egg whites are so powerful to heal stretch marks because it contains huge amount of amino acid and protein. To find the benefit from egg whites, you simply whip egg whites from two eggs with fork, and then apply the egg whites onto the affected area. After it dried, clean the area with cold water. Don’t forget to apply olive oil afterward. Then, it is water. The oxygen that is carried by water bring nutrient to the overall of the body including to the skin cell. Drink more than ten glasses of water each day, and then you will discover the result. Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that are powerful to increase the elasticity of skin cells.
Cocoa butter is extremely popular to against aging and wrinkle. To find the best result from cocoa butter, you can apply the potion onto your stretch marks twice a day. Another way, to reduce the stretch marks from home is by using sugar. This natural ingredient is known as a perfect exfoliate agent. Combine some drops of lemon juice and almond oil together with a table spoon of sugar, then stir well .Apply the solution onto the affected area then rub the solution for few minutes (8-9 minutes). The last one is lemon juice. The acid that you find from lemon juice is able to reduce stretch marks.

Squeeze the lemon to get the juice, then apply the juice onto the stretch marks area by gently massage that area in circular movement for about ten minutes. Then using lukewarm water you can clean the affected area. Lastly, for any women who deal with stretch marks don’t be panicked, since you can simply find home remedies for stretch marks in your kitchen.

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